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Lisa Molist

I really think are very passionate about helping important causes that need to be addressed by the government. more


Nicolas Veltman

I contacted the school for a refund and explained the situation. I got my refund right away and was impressed how they did follow up almost immediately. more


Charlie Pill

Good website with petitions about various things. Some are an attempt to enact law or simple community change. Sometimes it works and sometimes they don't. more


Roger George

I have used the service for petitions and find the staff and support very helpful. I have also made some great connections with people who share similar views. more


Marisa Tomei

This is a great place where you can make a difference, but don't have to leave the comfort of your own home, or if you don't have that much time. more


Maria Gaye

Excellent place to bring change to certain issues and certain situation that require the voice of more than one person. more